Microwaves Oven

Haier Microwaves Oven All Models With Price

Haier Microwaves Oven All Models With Price

Haier is one of the best when it comes to microwave ovens! They are reliable and very well priced. All of their products come with a one-year warranty, which is great for peace of mind. Haier microwave oven has many models in the store but today we review some best models that you can buy from this brand:

Haier Microwaves Oven All Models With Price

Haier is the leading home appliances brand in Pakistan, there are many brands available in the market with various models and prices range. Haier is introducing a various range of microwaves oven in Pakistan, but today we review some best models that you can buy from this brand.

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Haier always the best when it comes to microwave ovens! They are reliable and very well priced. All of their products come with a one-year warranty, which is great for peace of mind.

This is a small microwave oven that can be used to reheat or defrost food. It also has multiple power settings, which means you have more control over how well your microwavable items will cook in it. The downside, however, is the size of this model – it has a small microwave capacity.

Let’s have a look at the available models by Haier.

These are regular ovens by Haier that available in the market, with basic features.

Haier Microwave Oven HGN-38100EGW Working on even heating system that has special cavity structure, this microwave can be adopted fully, foods can be heated evenly.

Built-In Cooking Programs: This oven has a built-in manual for different recipes which is easy to cook and bake. The time and effort saved from doing so will help you enjoy your day more than you could have before.

De-Frosting Features: So, if you are in a hurry and have frozen food, this microwave has a defrosting feature that brings any frozen food at room temperature instantly.

Haier Microwave Oven HMN-45110EGB is another model that has an Lcd display and easy to use touch control panel that give you more control. This model also has the same functions as we mention in the HGN-38100EGW oven model. But this model can be work with both fuel electric and Gas.

Haier Microwave Oven HDL-25NG22 is another electric oven that has a 25-liter capacity and precise temperature control system. A best-featured oven that has a pre-heating system and 7 built-in programs that save your time.

One of the most amazing features of this oven is its space inside: you can fit large pizzas and anything your heart desires!

This Haier microwave oven also has some other great features like Auto cooking, frozen food defrosting function, power save function but this model can be work only with electric power.

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Haier Smart Oven HCO-T10U1

Haier Smart Oven HCO-T10U1 has really amazing features and works smartly to make any type of delicious food for your family.

Main Features

  • Capacity:  76L
  • Electric Oven
  • Purpose:  Cooking
  • No. of Functions: 10 Different Function that provides balanced control temperature.
  • Convection: Yes
  • Control Type: Touch control

Haier Smart Oven cooks food precisely with its intelligent sensors that know the type of food and cook it automatically. It also has a light sensor to provide you perfect cooking experience, whether your kitchen is dark or light.

Smart oven HCO-T10U1 features MagicCooking technology for every member of the family which will divide cooked food into appropriate portions and even produce a different dish for each member.

Also, this oven is equipped with an Auto cooking function that makes food preparation much quicker than conventional methods.

In addition to all these features, Haier Smart Oven HCO-T10U1 also has frozen food defrosting function which will allow you to cook meals in a few minutes, without the need for a microwave.

You can also use this oven to reheat your leftovers and save you time in preparing dinner for family members or guests.

It has five shelves that are removable which will make cleaning much easier than before as it includes dishwasher safe materials. Haier Smart Oven HCO-T10U1 also has a smart indicator panel that will assist you in selecting the best cooking settings.

  • Haier Oven HWO60S7EX1  Price: 65,749/-
  • Haier Oven HCO610ATB  Price: 60,600/-
  • Haier Oven HWO60S4MGB1  Price: 61,100/-
  • Haier Oven HWO60S4MGX1  Price: 60,949/-

Haier Oven HWO60S7EX1 has a 76-Ltr capacity electric fuel oven that gives you 7 different cooking functions with precise temperature control technology. Haier oven comes with a digital control panel that is easy to use. It also has a large capacity which means it can easily meet the needs of a big family.

Haier Oven HCO610ATB another electric oven with a 70-Ltr capacity and 10 built-in programs that made cooking easy. In addition, this product has the same features as mentioned above for Haier Oven.

Haier Oven HWO60S4MGB1 a little bit smaller oven with 56-Ltr capacity that just perfect for your small kitchen. It’s designed to cook meat, fish, vegetables, or eggs in minutes. This product also comes with 8 special functions for instant cooking. This oven can be used with both, electricity and gas.

So these are all models you can buy, all models have different features so it totally depends on your needs.

Which type of oven is best?

In a microwave oven and a baking oven (or OTG – Oven Toaster Grill), food is heated using different technologies. Hence one cannot produce the results of the other.

In a Baking Oven (OTG), heating rods are located beneath the base and on the ceiling, thus the food can be cooked by the bottom, the top, or both.

By contrast, a microwave Oven makes food components move around and becomes quite heated very quickly as it emits microwave radiation.

Therefore, foods in the Microwave are heated more rapidly than in a Baking Oven because the latter cooks them gradually.

Can an oven be used to warm food?

Yes. Some ovens have a warming function, which is perfect for foods that require reheating but not cooking all the way through (such as bread). It’s quite similar to an OTG – Oven & Toaster combined unit, except it, does not toast food and has limited capacity.


Haier has a variety of ovens with different capacities and price ranges. Make sure to choose the right microwave for your need and budget, so it will last you a long time. First, see your family needs, and then you can able to select the right product for your kitchen. our suggestion is that buy Haier Smart Oven that saves more time and also has some amazing cooking programs to make some delicious food for your family.


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